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Thank you for joining The Queen Esther Project, Inc (QEP) website portal.  In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Israel of October 7, 2023, QEP has been reporting daily on nine digital platforms of the crisis. 

The horror of the October 7th attacks, the uptick in antisemitism, as well as the subsequent bombings of innocent lives in GAZA has catapulted our monitoring and reporting efforts. 

You may feel there is nothing you can do; however, there is plenty you can do!  First of all, you can be informed with accurate information, you can share the information, and you can host an event in your home that supports a ravaged community in southern Israel. QEP will on the road again speaking to groups .

Since the inception of QEP we have provided pathways of involvement.  We use social media effectively, and have produced 205 AM radio broadcasts.  As a moderate political voice, you can expect our views to appeal to a broad audience. 

Please join us this December as we bring "care and comfort" to Phoenix unsheltered.  Donate a blanket or a warm pair of socks.  The Queen Esther Project will deliver the winter warmth on December 23.  You can also donate on the secure portal for QEP to buy urgent needs in bulk and deliver.  

QEP has been a trusted source of information on global conflict, antisemitism, and tyrannical dictators displacing refugees.  
Terrorism has a long history, 1400 years, of violence for political and religious ambition.  May the forces of good win over evil and may both the Jewish people, and the Palestinians, find peace in our lifetime. 

QEP will be here to provide insight via our "Humanity Speaks" blog, as well as place videos for your review. 
Please support QEP when you can -- watch for our posts on social media. 

May there be peace in both Israel and GAZA ....for the sake of innocent people.
Thank you, 
Shalom ,
Lisa Pandone-Benson
CEO, The Queen Esther Project


THE QUEEN ESTHER PROJECT, INC. (QEP) was founded in 2015 as an effort to educate on global affairs, antisemitism, and human suffering around the world.  With over 215 radio broadcasts and the "Humanity Speaks" blog, QEP has a reputation of accurate and unbiased reporting.

QEP has rescued Congolese women and children refugees who have been abandoned by rescue agencies in Phoenix.  Hundreds of women and children were helped by donors by providing rent assistance, utility assistance and food subsidy. 

In 2016, The Queen Esther Project was called to action to aid Yazidi refugees who were brought to Arizona after being held as hostage by ISIS (Islamic State) since 2014.  The horrors of the Yazidi genocide made it nearly impossible for the women and children to adjust to life in America.  QEP stepped right in to provide essentials. In fact, Lisa Benson was among the few broadcasters in America that was unrelenting in discussing and educating on the Yazidi genocide. 

QEP has also facilitated a state-wide donation collection in 2022 for migrants who came across the U.S. border and were unaware that the United States would not be providing urgent needs.  Along with other agencies in Phoenix, The Queen Esther Project collected clothing and transportation for migrants who needed assistance. 

The Queen Esther Project is well-known internationally, nationally and locally. In the last few years, a significant effort to provide aid to the unsheltered has taken root.  Thanks to donors and volunteers, over 100 pounds of warm clothing and blankets were developed to the unsheltered along Jefferson Street and around the valley.

In 2024, we are launching "Helping Hands For Arizona Unsheltered" whereby QEP is seeking NEIGHBORHOOD CAPTAINS.  See flyer on the right. 

Please write LisaPandoneBenson, Founder and Director, with questions.
Or, text or call:  602-790-6418

Please join the many who are supporting QEP as donors and/or volunteers.

Lisa Pandone-Benson
Founder & Director 



Inspiring Impactful Change

Positive change comes when there is collaboration among those who can provide assistance to those experiencing hardship. The Queen Esther Project, Inc. (QEP) has a proven model of success where we have successfully brought together able donors, volunteers, collaborators with individuals needing a "hand up."  Our success has spanned Africa, Iraq, and the Southwest United States.  
We have found that benevolent people are very willing to lend a hand, offer a jacket, a sweater, a pair of socks to the unsheltered, or agree to pay a utility bill, if they trust the 
nonprofit --- QEP is the trusted nonprofit.  We have aided migrants, refugees, and the unsheltered in Arizona -- and with your help, we will continue to do so.  
Thank you to the many contributors and volunteers who made the "Holiday Care & Comfort 2022/Blanket Arizona" a huge success!  We provided the Phoenix encampment with hundreds of blankets, socks, water, sweaters, and hygiene items.  THANK YOU! 
Lisa Pandone Benson,
Founder & President 



Domestically & Internationally

It is my honor to be at the helm of The Queen Esther Project, Inc. (QEP), founded in 2015 as a United States registered IRS tax-exempt charitable 501(c)3 organization.  QEP is a humanitarian, and educational, organization; it is not affiliated with any political entity/party/political action committee. 

Named after a biblical heroine, Queen Esther, our efforts imbue the qualities of our namesake.  That is, we are all born for such a time as this. 


Thanks to the generosity of many individuals since 2015, we made a difference in the lives of hundreds of unsheltered, refugees, migrants.  Below, a list of of impact over the years.  As we evaluate, and prepare, for 2024 and beyond, we hope you will join us in our efforts to alleviate human suffering among the most vulnerable -- doing what we can, when we can, as often as we can. 

Along with improving the lives of suffering people, whenever, and wherever we can, QEP is devoted to expose the forces of antisemitism both nationally and internationally.   QEP does this in honor, and memory, of those who lost their lives to Holocaust, and to Vincent R. Pandone, WWII Liberator of Ohrdruf Concentration Camp.  We will NEVER FORGET. 



 The Queen Esther Project, Inc. (QEP) believes that all people, regardless of their circumstances, religion, origin, deserve to live free of fear with basic human needs -- food, shelter, clothing -- - and that civil societies/individuals have a role to play in making sure that human suffering is alleviated wherever, and whenever it is possible. 



PROVIDING avenues of activism/volunteerism/support to those we can help who are in dire need of assistance. With more than 100 million people displaced due to housing crisis in the United States, conflict, political instability, weather changes, or as a result of the global pandemic, poverty, HIV, QEP provides humanitarian rescue and relief. QEP also educates the public on issues of global affairs, tyranny, population displacement, antisemitism, and genocide. 




QEP has aired 205 global security AM radio shows with world-renowned global security experts educating the public on issues of Middle East conflict, terrorism (domestic and international).

QEP has rescued from the streets of Phoenix hundreds of refugees, including Congolese women and children who fled conflict in the Congo.

QEP raises awareness on the current rise of antisemitism and religious intolerance worldwide.


QEP has a yearly "Holiday Care & Comfort" campaign providing blankets to the homeless/unsheltered in Phoenix, Arizona.

QEP provided Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to migrants entering on the southern border (2021).

QEP is launching in 2023: "East Africa Development & Eco Tourism Campaign."

QEP has successfully lobbied members of Congress into providing security resources for the Yazidi villages Iraq impacted by the 2014 massacre. 

QEP has a banner of recognition flying in a village  in Kenya as a token of gratitude for our collaboration with Agrisystems Foundation, Kenya. 

With 30-years of nonprofit/NGO experience, and more than $100 million raised for noble causes worldwide, you can expect that I will do the same level of competency for any effort taken on The Queen Esther Project Inc. 

Peacefully Yours

Lisa Pandone-Benson, Founder  



Please,"Be An Angel" 


For some, The Queen Esther Project, Inc was/is the only life-saving resource available. We need the continued help of good people just like yourself.  Please fill out the contact form below and we will contact you to see what volunteer activity is best for you.  Thank you!  . 

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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A Few Photos Below Of Families We Have Helped.

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Be a part of something bigger than yourself! Join The Queen Esther Project: Join the passionate team of humanitarians, as a volunteer or supporter, to alleviate human suffering and expose and thwart tyranny. Together, we can create a better world.

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The Queen Esther Project: Humanity Speaks

Welcome!  The Queen Esther Project (QEP) is proud to launch its blog, "Humanity Speaks."  The Queen Esther Project (QEP) maintains its mission to educate on tyranny, genocide, and to alleviate human suffering of vulnerable populations, where possible.   Special emphasis on global conflict, antisemitism, refugee resettlement, and poverty in America.  The "Humanity Speaks Blog" is an independent, non-profit news resource not attached to any biased news agency. Lisa Pandone Benson is at the helm of QEP.  Her three decades of humanitarian, geo-political, and nonprofit expertise, along with her years on am radio as a national security broadcaster, bring in-depth analysis. "Humanity Speaks" delves into diverse subjects shining light in a dark, troubled world.

Home: Welcome




For 20 yrs, Lisa Pandone Benson has provided analysis on issues of humanitarian and global security significance.  In the aftermath of the 9-11 attack, Lisa was recruited to work with national and global security organizations/analysts to educate on terrorism, tyranny and genocide.  In 2014, after having worked for the nation's foremost national security/global affairs analysts, Lisa took to the AM radio -- the first one-hour weekly broadcast heard around the world focused on global affairs and heard around the world.

For nearly three decades, Lisa has provided strategic consulting for both the nonprofit world both in the United States and in Israel and Africa.  She has raised more than $300 million in three decades and provided guidance to over 100 organizations. 

Currently, she is sharing her insight on the HUMANITY SPEAKS BLOG supported by The Queen Esther Project, Inc. (QEP) educating on issues of population displacement, tyranny, genocide, and religious intolerance. 

Lisa Pandone is a graduate of State University of New York at Albany holding a BA Cum Laude in Archeology , Latin, and Art History.  She also attended the Rockefeller College of Public Policy, State University of New York for an MPA degree.

Lisa is also a published author, professional photographer, and CEO of LP Strategic Communications, LLC.

Thank you for being here!

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