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Updated: Sep 21, 2023

By: Lisa Pandone-Benson, CEO/Founder, The Queen Esther Project

REVIEW OF CHINESE SPY BALLOON: Harking back to my National Security Knowledge as I process the CHINESE SPY BALLOON.

As I have said many times before, I worked closely with Amb. R. James Woolsey, former CIA director. I worked with him on many issues, including missile defense, EMP attack, and Russia disinformation. One of our SUBJECT AREAS was EMP attack on America. Simply explained: An electro-magnetic pulse detonated from the sky over the United States which would take out our power grid. Linked here is a full explanation:

If our ELECTRIC GRID is taken down, we could be in the dark for the foreseeable future, our military would have no ability to communicate with each other, gas pumps would not work, no ability to access our cash in the bank, the batteries in our cars would be dead as a doornail., and our hospitals would be simnifically impacted, no water, no food. It's a grim subject.

Further explanation:

The CHINESE SPY BALLOON spooked me to the point that I had a nightmare on Friday night about it. One of those areas of my knowledge that I try to put into the recesses of my brain - it is horrifying to consider that the Chinese would be able to detonate a charge from over our heads to bring America to its knees....

As for President Biden and his response: - We didn't see a President using BOLD screaming text on Twitter regarding this crisis. There was clam, calculated response.

- However, I would have appreciated President Biden going LIVE yesterday on all media outlets to reassure us and explain what is happening. He is our "comfort-er in chief."

- For as long as EMP remains a threat to the United States, we should be made informed so we may prepare. The United States has ZERO civil defense plans for our communities. The world is not so uncomplicated that we should not have civil defense drills.

Did the Chinese capture information on the United States that they already didn't have?

My answer would be: NO. Photos of America can be obtained by satellites.

This was a clear provocation by the CHINESE and a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.

America needs to demand CIVIL DEFENSE ACTION in our communities NOW!

DEMAND CATASTROPHE RESPONSE DRILLS. We have zero civil defense preparedness in America.

Lisa Pandone-Benson

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