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"Never Doubt That A Small Group Of Thoughtful Committed Citizens CAN Change The World."

Be A Super Hero!

Margaret Mead's words ring true, especially today during a global pandemic, and civil unrest/violence escalating in America. It feels so bleak, and hopeless, unless you, and others, realize YOUR power as individuals. We all have the power to be "super heroes" to those who are suffering in the world!

The Queen Esther Project, Inc. (QEP) would like to focus on some good news, empowering news. We are drowning in bad news!

If you know me, then you know I report, and broadcast on the bad stuff; however, my humanitarian efforts are to elevate human suffering with my charity, The Queen Esther Project. My life's passion is helping others with my knowledge of 30-years of NPO/NGO expertise.

Today, I had a delightful ZOOM call with an organization in TANZANIA. Like Kenya, vital to the security of the western world -- and with women and children in abhorrent poverty.

I want to spend my years helping those who need help, including those in the United States who are facing evictions due to COVID financial hardship. "Never Doubt That A Small Group of Thoughtful Committed Citizens CAN Change The World."

Like me, Margaret Mead was trained as a cultural anthropologist featured often in media during the 60's and 70's. Trained to observe the human condition in the present, and to explore the past, Margaret Mead knew a thing or two about changing the world. Her quote on never estimating the power of a citizen rings true today (in my opinion) with a bellowing clarion call to take action. Please consider joining The Queen Esther Project as a PATRON. Our impact at home, and abroad, illustrates the power of individuals building a more just, and healing world.

The Queen Esther Project, "Healing a Hurting World" thanks you for reading, engaging, and being one of the committed humans changing the world for the better.

Shalom from Phoenix, Lisa Pandone Benson,

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