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Statement Following Insurrection At Nation's Capitol


(Phoenix, Arizona). As the founder of The Queen Esther Project (.org), I/we educate on extremism from radical ideologies. That includes white supremacy/ militia movement. I thank the donors that have supported the effort since 2015.

Yesterday, I was on social media throughout the day. I did the same during Charlottesville, and other militia-driven civil disturbance. The Pro -Trump militia is a seditious movement, embroiled in cult mindset. I have been warning of a possible coordinated effort of violence since Charlottesville. Yesterday, many of us in national security (those who broke away from Trump) predicted the insurrection.

QEP thanks you for your engagement in our efforts. Your donations make it possible to research, post, write articles. It's not easy work; it is dangerous work. I am no stranger to dangerous work, but now, I will be more alert and take certain precautions. Be safe,

Lisa Pandone Benson.

Founder/CEO, The Queen Esther

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