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"Who Benefits From The "Abraham Accords? The Super Deal Brokered By Donald J. Trump with UAE"

(Photo Courtesy of: i24News.

For the last four years, I have asked counterintelligence colleagues, "will the Muslim Brotherhood ever be deemed a terrorist organization in America? Wasn't the lack of not doing so, thereby holding back the terrorist threat in the U.S. by the MB, our primary concern with President Obama?"

I have only received "muted answers. In other words, I have the "non answer."

Now, only until now, do I understand. The Jared-Driven Middle-East Peace initiative was to bring Arab nations - even those who support, and fund, Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S. funding terrorism - to a treaty with Israel. It all looks so good on paper doesn't it? Great photo opportunity for the new Rose Garden.

The "Abraham Accords" as dubbed by the Trump administration. Let's review:

1) HAMAS, is an offshoot fo the Muslim Brotherhood, and designated a terrorist organization by the United States and other nations. There has been NO initiative by the Obama Administration, The Trump Administration to designate the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States a terrorist organization.

2) In 2014, Qatar funded the HAMAS with $400 million.

3) The Muslim Brotherhood is HAMAS in the United States founded in 1928 in Egypt - a partnership with Hitler was to ensure the obliteration of Israel.

4) The Muslim Brotherhood are in:

- The United States (and now in the U.S. Congress). - Bahrain - Iran - Turkey - Jordan. - Egypt. - Palestinian Authority/Gaza/West Bank. - Saudi Arabia. - UAE - United Arab Emirates

5) Qatar is "headquarters" for the Muslim Brotherhood. It is also the home of AL UDEID AIR BASEI southwest of Doha, Qatar. It houses Qatar Air Force, United States Air Force, Royal Air Force, and other Gulf War Coalition personnel.

Therefore, what, and who, does the ABRAHAM ACCORDS really benefit? It is not going to benefit those who have mosques funded by Saudi Arabia preaching anti American rhetoric in American cities. It is not going to benefit the residents of Judea Samaria who need some additional military personnel to surround their homes on Oslo Accords approved Jewish neighborhoods. It is not going to help Jerusalem who needed additional buffer from the terrorists that move into the West Bank from Jordan, Egypt, and homegrown Fatah -

Ladies and Gentlemen, Israel gave up much for the photo opportunity scheduled for Tuesday at the White House signing.

Then again, it gained partners to fight just couldn't have it both ways. An election year photo opportunity for Jared and Donald is what it is mostly.

Lisa Pandone Benson, Sr. Commentator, The Queen Esther

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